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 Our Mission 

*Our mission at Back Street Cat Rescue Inc. is to help homeless cats and kittens find loving forever homes. We do all we can to ensure a happily-ever-ending for every cat we rescue. Through rescue, aid, and abundant doses of love and affection, we strive to find loving forever homes for homeless cats in the Upper Ohio Valley.*


Who We Are and What We Do

Before founding BACK Street CAT Rescue Inc, several of us had volunteered and fostered many cats for years. At that time, we saw a need for a rescue that focused specifically on the needs of homeless cats and kittens and so we decided to establish BACK Street CAT Rescue Inc to address those needs.


BACK Street CAT Rescue (BSCR) is a non-profit (no-kill) all volunteer organization that works hard everyday to rescue and care for homeless cats and kittens in WV and Ohio. Many of our rescue cats are strays who would be put down in other shelters. For us, BSCR is a labor of love. Our cats are provided with veterenary care including medicine and surgeries, spaying/neutering, feline leukemia/aids tests and other testing as needed, vaccinations, first-aid care and very importantly a really healthy dose of human affection, kindness and love. Back Street Cat Rescue is not a 'brick & mortar' operation, nor is It a shelter per se. Back Street Cat Rescue places the cats and kittens they care for in their own homes and in the homes of caring foster families until forever homes can be found for them. As a registered 501(c) your donations to BSCR are tax deductible and deeply appreciated.


We welcome everyone to look around our site and learn more about Back Street Cat Rescue.  Please browse pictures of our beautiful cats and kittens. To learn more about the cats, simply click a picture at Our Cats to see an enlarged view and information. If you like the work we are doing for homeless cats and kittens, please consider helping us help them. At BSCR, we appreciate everything you do to help homeless cats, to spread compassion, and to make our little corner of the world a safer, kinder place for our feline friends.


=^.^= We are pleased to announce that BSCR has been listed as "A Voice for Life" at No kill Nation Network. =^.^=


Ashley Vicker Blinco - Founder and Executive Director 



Featured Cat Summer 2021
 Summer Slide Show 2021
=^.^=Please come visit the cats & kittens of BSCR >^.^<

Back Street Cat Rescue *Adoption Days*

 The Highlands Petco, Tridelphia, WV - Saturdays.

Dates and times are subject to change. Check out our Facebook page for more up-to-date information.

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